The Maurpikios Fiddler Series, Book One & Two by M. J. Logan
Maurpikios Fiddler:  
The Red Ruby of Edo

As the journey continues, the fate of many worlds united by the Treaty of Earthly Peace lies in the hands of Maurpikios Fiddler and the children of the prophecy. The treacherous Apollonia has cast a spell of cataclysmic proportions on the town of Hallows Creek and the rest of the world. Piki and the others are once again catapulted into a chaotic race to awaken the only being with the power to reverse the calamitous spell of perpetual seasons. The Amulet of Salvere has maintained their faith. The Amethyst of Spes has restored hope, and now The Red Ruby of Edo has a heart to heal…but nothing has prepared the world for the wrath of the legend of Nivalis!
Book I - The True Meaning of Magic
In the small town of Hallows Creek  beware of what you assume; things are not always what they seem. The Fiddler's appear to be the picture perfect family, but they harbor deep dark secrets that are about to be unleashed on the stability of an entire world. Even after realizing the terrible twin diseases are one in the same, childhood cancer and scorpioma, it is still a race to saves the lives of their children. A century old treaty had ended years of war and is now vulnerable to a long held prophecy that foretells the emergence of a champion. Could that Champion be young Maurpikios Fiddler? Unfortunately, for every champion, there will be dark forces to oppose his greatness. Radu Vrotsos, a wealthy philanthropist and a maniacal wizard, is vehemently against the integration of the magicals and the non-magicals. It is his hope to bring the world to submission under one of the darkest and evil powers in existence.

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The Inspiration

This story was inspired by the experience of my family whose lives were turned upside down by childhood cancer, but found ourselves at one of the most magical places in the world - St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. This is an enchanting institution surrounded by the love of God and miracles that does great things for families, and like God, St. Jude is not a respecter of persons. St. Jude doesn't care what you look like, and they turn no one away. However, one of the greatest lessons anyone will take away from an experience such as this is cancer does not care what we look like either. Those affected by this disease come from all backgrounds, races, nationalities, and varying socioeconomic statuses, but with all those differences, families still bonded and became one family. We loved each other, laughed together, cried together, and when we faced the unfortunate realization of losing a child, we celebrated that child's life together.

This magical story is the result of my own coping mechanism as my child endured cancer treatment. He is an eleven-year-old boy with big dreams, and an amazing love for fantasy fiction. More important, alongside the warriors of St. Jude, he fought a victorious battle against childhood cancer. Saint Juliana's is an imaginary fantastical place created in a fantasy world to mirror the magic of St. Jude. This story is fictional; however, it is loosely based on a journey that my family took toward true discovery. The story takes place in the imaginary town of Hallows Creek, USA. Maurpikios Fiddler is not my child, and the Fiddler family is not my family, yet all the characters are a culmination of every wonderful child, family, medical provider, nurse, administrator, and staff we encountered. I wanted to share our experience, the magic of this wonderful place, and the journey my family and other families experienced as we discovered the true meaning of magic.

Be blessed,

A sudden attack of excruciating headaches and horrifying dreams will be the horrific antecedent to Maurpikios Fiddler's journey. Unexpectedly, he will find himself in the position of facing down the enemy as well as his own mortality. He swiftly soars into a world of chaos where he is suddenly exposed to the staunch reality of magic intertwined with danger, curses, evil witches and wizards and infinite adventure. This magically enchanting quest involves other children like himself, a scroll that reveals the secrets of a family, a golden scepter and a stone destined only for the hands of the chosen one. Maurpikios Fiddler will discover just how the secrets of the Fiddler family affect his own destiny and the entire town of Hallows creek. He will have no choice but to display true bravery, accept his destiny, and ultimately discover the True Meaning of Magic.
Maurpikios Fiddler is the BEST Fantasy Book I have ever read in my life. It is a must read for every One. ~Deia
About the Author
Dr. M. J. Logan

M. J. Logan is happily married and a mother of two. Her greatest joy is her family and her favorite charity is St. Jude Children's Hospital. 

She is an avid reader with a love for fantasy. Twenty years in nursing has encompassed a varied patient population of all ages with half of that time being spent working with youths ranging from five years old to young adult. Recent personal tragedy steered Logan toward the fight against childhood cancer, and henceforth the birth a new kind of magical hero - Maurpikios Fiddler.

Dr. Logan has a list of writing credits related to academic studies and practices, yet this is a debut work in the realm of fiction. The Maurpikios Fiddler Series has rolled out over the last few years with the True Meaning of Magic being the first of a journey for the next generation of fantasy lovers. Her second book, Maurpikios Fiddler, The Magical Amethyst of Spes was released in 2014. Book three will release in the fall of 2016.

Book II - 99 cents
Maurpikios Fiddler:  
The True Meaning of Magic

Secrets of the town of Hallows Creek continue to unfold as the children and the medical staff of Saint Juliana's continue fighting for the stability of the research study and the Treaty of Earthly Peace. Maurpikios Fiddler and the others have returned to school to begin their seventh grade year, but the chosen one- young Maurpikios Fiddler has a secret that he has yet to reveal. Saint Juliana has told him that he must be the one to find the six remaining Legacy Stones. However, is there an 8th stone that was not mentioned in the original prophecy? 

The discovery of the Amulet of Salvere and the Golden Scepter has traveled throughout the world, and has unfortunately re-awakened old foes who pose much more of a threat to the stability of The Treaty of Earthly Peace than Piki and the others could ever imagine they would face. Once again, the race is on, but this time to find the Amethyst of Spes, and to restore the magic that was discovered at Saint Juliana's. Many are still depending on the on the old ways of the magical world, and have forgotten The True Meaning of Magic. Maurpikios Fiddlers and the others along with the warriors of Saint Juliana's are once again determined to restore hope and balance to the world, and most of all to teach everyone how to remember the magic.
"Maurpikios Fiddler: The True Meaning of Magic is a wonderful novel about the incredible journey of a young boy against immense obstacles. M.J. Logan vibrantly introduces culturally diverse young characters, who develop a friendship despite the prejudice set between those who are magically gifted and those who are not. In a struggle to save his own life and those of his friends, Maurpikios must face a dark force bent on destroying the peaceful balance between both worlds. This story incorporates what having faith in God can bestow among those of the smallest stature; and how the love of family and courage can give someone the strength to fulfill their own destiny. A unique page turner at it's best, I simply could not put it down. It relays a positive message to young readers about the prominence of perseverance and faith. Truly a tale of compassion, triumph, and love for the entire family to enjoy."  ~Aubrey Ford 
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